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Even in the times of theme-based weddings with contemporary dress codes, the Indian bridal segment remains a red lehenga dominated scenario. Where pastel colors and serene whites make up the wedding palette for modern brides, traditional as well as modernized versions of the red lehenga are almost everywhere, irrespective of whether the nuptial ceremony happens under the sun or the moonlit sky.

We’re onto summery days again and with that- loads of sunshine! It’s time to put those thick cardigans and our cozy layers aside and be ready to face the heat with a whole lot of gorgeousness. Taking in the seasonal changes in the fashion scenario, we’re back with one of the biggest trends you ought to sport- the pastel palette! Light, soothing, refreshing, and full of sophistication, pastels are the coolest colors of the season. So scroll down to know more about the ‘pastel rush’ in detail.

The term wedding lehenga will instantly lead to visualizations of a red bridal lehenga- an enchanting creation that has the ageless beauty of traditions and art radiating from every inch of the outfit. Red is warm, vibrant, and supremely attractive, and above all, a power-dressing hue that can instantly put you under the spotlight.

The Hindu culture holds red in high esteem, perceiving it as one of the most auspicious colors. That explains its non-negotiability at Indian weddings. The color of sindur, the dupatta used during rituals, and a whole lot of other things used during the nuptials corroborate the significance of red in the Indian culture.

Even modern brides today haven’t gotten over the palette, and that explains why red lehengas are still the most sought-after bridal attire today. After all, who can stay immune to the charms of the passionate reds! It’s the color love, romance, and passion and also glamour, youthfulness, intensity, and sensuousness – all that Indian brides need for their D-day!

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